lunes, 1 de junio de 2015


Why we chose Can Torra
Can Torra is a farm house, similar to Mas Miró. It is located close to school. We wanted an impressive and majestic place that a big garden, like Mas Miró.
The scene selection and filming process
The first step in this evaluation was to visit the house and look at all parts: terraces, animals, walls, and gardens, without entering the house.
Next, we made a list of adjectives that described what we knew about the house: noble, spacious, faded, bright, old, humid, inhabited, antiqued, and beautiful. With that list we were able to imagine the inside.
After imagining what the inside of the house might look like, we returned to Can Torra to videotape. By envisioning how the house will look, scene by scene, we videotaped the elements that were important.  Using the scenes in Pere Portavella’s “Mudanza,” we mimicked his style of starting far away slow coming closer.
About the owner:
Señora Concepció, as the youngest child in her family, has lived in Can Torra all her life. Because of this fact, she doesn´t see her house as most people do: majestic and impressive. Instead, she considers her house to be much like all the other Bordils homes.

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